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Sinita Wells

Driven SuccessSinita Wells


Sinita Wells has always been passionate about the entertainment industry. Her mother often reminds her of when she was three years old and she said, “I am going to be a STAR.” Not sure exactly what that meant for her, Sinita participated in her first second grade school play as the story teller for, “How the West Was Really Won.”

Sinita shares, “One of the best things my mother ever did for me (which I was not happy about at the time) was uproot me and my three siblings to California. That experience expanded my mind to believe a bigger dream and that bigger was possible.”

Taking every opportunity to participate in dance classes, school performances, radio and television internships, leads in small play production, indie shorts and even stepping behind the lens as associate producer of a hometown tv show called, The Speakeasy, Sinita never took her eye off the prize.

Landing her first talent agent and national Hewlett Packard print job gave Sinita the boost to keep on with audition after audition, but as life would have it, there where bumps in the road that slowed her down. Taking the time to raise her two babies as a single mother took precedent, but never would that diminish her desire to be successful.

After many stop and go moments in life, Sinita received her degree in Communications Arts Broadcasting bringing her back home to St. Louis. With the love and support of her family, Sinita took the time to refocus on her life and career.

As a multi-dimensional woman in business, after ending a real estate career as the co-owner of a six-figure property

consulting firm, Sinita became a National Author with her debut book, I Am A Woman First, The Essentials to Nurturing, Inspiring and Loving You First, a certified Master Life Coach working with new and emerging online entrepreneurs who have the desire to learn the tips, tools and strategies to move from stuck to start in their business as well as the host for a local media company that afforded her the opportunity to shine in front of the camera once more interviewing A-List celebrities in film, television and music.


Taking all that she had learned through her life experiences, Sinita has stepped behind the lens once again as the Producer of the Driven documentary that highlight the journey of 11 female entrepreneurs and their drive to make life happen no matter the obstacles.

We all have a story, she says, but it is up to you to not let that story define you. Instead turn your “mess” into your message and keep it moving, she continues.

Her Motto is Simple: “Do What You Love and Love What You Do.”

Sinita welcomes you to stop by her home anytime, www.sinitawells.com, as she is available for media appearances, speaking engagements, event hosting, workshops, seminars and conferences.