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Sherece Blue

Driven SuccessSherece Blue

Transformational Life Navigator, Speaker, and Visionary, Sherece Blue is the founder of Leap Now N2 Purpose a forward movement that amplifies the visions and dreams of people desiring to go to the next level in life. Sherece creates a platform that helps modern day visionaries to discover their God-given purpose. By conducting purpose driven vision board parties, breakthrough  workshops and “think tank “groups ;Sherece ignites the people who are ready to make a leap now and transform their visions into reality. Sherece brings a vast array of experience to her passion for helping others.

Sherece understands that speaking and leveraging media in all forms is the best way to ensure her message of purpose reaches her audience.

With her upcoming book Leap N2 purpose NOW: 7 Steps to Discover Your Purpose and Transform Your Life Now, her impact will reach those looking for answers.


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