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Ohilda Holguin

Driven SuccessOhilda Holguin

Ohilda Holguin is Co-Founder & COO of Elite Sales Consulting Group. She is a Spiritual Counselor, Motivational Speaker, Sales, and Women’s Empowerment Expert.


Ohilda is an imaginative and creative visionary who is a source of inspiration to most. Ingenious, enthusiastic, inventive, and extremely perceptive. She is strong on initiative, new ideas and insights. She is noted for her innate ability to inspire and encourage others. She is dedicated to empowering business owners, executives, and women by teaching them to stand in their own power. Ohilda has spent her entire life studying health, wellness, counseling, meditation, and spirituality.  She has devoted her life to helping others. A spiritual awakening has led her to re-commit her life to helping others heal. Now in addition to helping businesses grow, Ohilda empowers people to heal themselves by learning to speak their truth, listen their spirit, connect to energy, and love themselves unconditionally.


Her mission establishes a global platform to support business owners, executives, and women achieve more goals personally and professionally while advancing generational wealth for their families. Ohilda helps unlock significant economic opportunities for business owners via thought leadership, partnerships, and new product offerings. She develops powerful leadership training, consultation, and coaching programs. Her areas of specialties include: motivational speaking, business development, wealth building, wellness, and women’s empowerment.


Ohilda Holguin is a certified Holistic Life Coach, obtaining her coaching certification from Compass School of Coaching. She is also certified in Reiki from the New York Open Center, and uses heart-centered tapping to help you feel safer in your body, relationships, and in the world through her training in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT-Tapping). She was trained by Dawson Church through EFT Universe.


She holds a Bachelor of Psychology & Business, a Master of Education, and is currently working on her MBA from Nova Southeastern University.


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