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Aprille Franks

Driven SuccessAprille Franks

Executive Producer

Aprille is the creator of a motivational movement that amplifies women’s voices and triumphant stories of truth. To date, both companies have served a combined 2000+ clients with transformational training, coaching and support, establishing Aprille as the go-to expert for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to do business on a higher plane and, in turn, reap higher profits.

Her whip-smart coaching philosophy is rooted in strategic planning, sustainable action and implementation, an approach she honed while revitalizing multi-million dollar commercial real estate portfolios as a consultant. When their high-stakes ventures were failing, investors and asset managers turned to Aprille to breathe new life into their businesses and bank accounts.  While she ascended the corporate ladder, the financial market plummeted in 2007, along with her successful multiple six-figure career.  Her financial and personal power now challenged, she did what a phoenix does best—she rose.

Aprille has revolutionized the concept of online community building and engagement, establishing an elite, high-result society of over 13,000 entrepreneurs who are impacting mankind in monumental ways, from personal economic empowerment to social justice, in two short years. Her formula for success is simple—passion, strategy and execution!  She propels her clients forward with the tools they need to manifest their destiny, move into purpose, ignite momentum—and get paid.

Aprille has written several best selling books, produces lives events, short films and documentaries – all geared towards helping purpose driven entrepreneurs excel in life and business!