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Donna Hicks Izzard

Driven SuccessDonna Hicks Izzard

Author, Speaker and Master Business and Branding Strategist Donna Hicks Izzard is a woman with vision.  As intuitive as she is inspirational, Donna helps highly-successful corporate professionals to blend their expertise and brilliance into profitable, passion-fueled businesses while maintaining their full-time careers. Under Donna’s tutelage and insight, her clients become more than entrepreneurs with side hustles—they become CEOpreneurs with empires.


Donna has launched several successful businesses while managing her role as one of the few female technology training executives in the country at a top-tier law firm. It is her thirty-years spent in the C-Suite that honed her God-given gift for not only innovating infrastructures, but for bringing out the inner, often hidden, phenomenal in people. What began as a ministry soon involved into her first consulting practice and workshop series, The 3W Life, which taught women who were stuck in their lives how to uproot themselves by uncovering their true identities, power and purpose. In 2016, God led her to expand her reach to women, men and couples seeking to build high-impact businesses and ministries. Finding that many of them still struggled with missing the mark on their identity, she knew she’d found her next sweet spot. Today, she is the ingenuity behind a myriad of burgeoning companies that are as meaningful and purposed as the CEOs behind them.


Revered for her ability to build a brand at the drop of an opportunity, Donna is masterful at devising innovative strategies to elevate people to their next level. Be it in a coaching session or a simple conversation, she is an ignitor—of souls and ideas—setting people out into the world on purpose and on fire. While Donna supports her clients to discover their own distinct gifts, anyone fortunate enough to experience her is instantly inspired to mirror her boldness. Whether she is impacting thousands through her books or leading a marketing campaign to convene tens of thousands for a life-changing conference, Donna moves with an assuredness that comes from an unshakable faith and a knowing of whose she is, who she is and why she is here on this earth.


They would say it’s confidence in her. She would say it’s the God in her. And both would be true.


Donna currently resides in New York City with her family. To learn more about her click here.