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Barbara Pender

Driven SuccessBarbara Pender

Barbara Pender is a certified Social Media Strategist and Consultant for companies seeking to make big moves, big buzz and big dollars in the marketplace. She has lent her expertise to emerging and established businesses for the past twenty years, devising marketing campaigns that have garnered her client’s worldwide recognition and reach. Today, she is on a mission to help entrepreneurs skyrocket to success with innovative social media strategies that drive engagement and develop deep relationships with audiences that lead to profits. Known for keeping her finger on the cusp of technology trends, Barbara’s results-driven coaching and strategies bring her clients from behind the social media curve, taking their businesses from virtually unknown to viral and positioning them at the peak of profitability—where they stay.

Her best-selling book, The Relationship Age, can be found on bookshelves everywhere and she travels the country as a speaker and a trainer.


You can learn more about Barbara and her work at www.thebarbarapender.com and on social media.

Purchase a copy of Driven Success from Barbara by clicking here.