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I’m coming for the driven, committed wanna be’s, the person with five degrees and no life plan – the woman who wants to share her journey and the man who is fed up of his current circumstances! Now is the perfect time to take back your life and activate the drive buried inside you – watch my short video message.

– Aprille

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Join our Driven Success Volume II Collaboration Project - it's time your success journey is heard.

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Movement Maker, Filmmaker, Best-Selling Author and Philanthropist Aprille Hunt is the President & CEO of Coach, Speak & Serve™ , a next-level distance learning training and development center that helps modern-day authors, speakers and coaches with purpose maximize and monetize their messages. To date, both companies have serves over 19,000 individuals globally with tools, resources, training and support establishing Aprille as the go-to expert for serious no-nonsense entrepreneurs who want to do business on a higher plane and , in turn, reap higher profits and make Driven Success a reality.

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Leverage Our Brand

You have the opportunity to leverage our brand to help grow yours and get your message out! The primary benefit for purpose driven entrepreneurs to join our collaboration book project is to strategically align yourself with a brand that is already growing places!

You can start from scratch and as a result of being apart of the project gain additional knowledge and more intimate access to Master Coach Aprille as a group!

Share Globally

Sharing your personal story, expertise and know how is how our Visionary Author, Aprille Hunt, believes change is  made in the world. Once enrolled into the project and the book is published, your words live on forever. Always relevant, helping and in many cased healing others who at one point where just where you were (or are). This project enables you to be apart of a greater vision and with others!

Plan to Profit 

Entrepreneurs must get paid for what they do in the world – and that means you! Once this book is published, you’ll be able to purchased wholesale copies at your leisure to sell to your audience online, at book signings and live events! You have a product that you can forever market and generate additional profits on a monthly basis! Plan to recoup your investment within the ninety days of launching.

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